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Anyone can tell you a million ways to pass the time, but have you ever thought of wasting your free time? Yes, speaking, this too must kill time. If we tell you that we have many such methods for you, it is very strange, but very creative. These are so creative that you have to try them once in a lifetime. Maybe you can see them and say what it is brother, but we are sure that you will not miss them to share them with your friends. So, without wasting much time, let’s take a look at some great ways to spend or rather waste time on the Internet.


Ocearch gives you the chance to track sharks and whales all over the earth. Now you will wonder what you get by following the shark. So remember that this list is only made to help you waste your time creatively. Interestingly, we spotted a female tiger shark called Seria and made a huge trip around the east coast of Africa a few days ago. This shark went as far as Singapore and then came back to Madagascar. You can also track similar sharks or whales

The Useless Web

In the name of The Useless Web itself is Useless, which means Useless Web. But it’s also fun. It opens up any useless website for you. For example, this website brought us to a website called drawing.garden, where all you have to do is move your cursor and draw with plants and fruits and vegetables. That’s why it’s called Useless Web.

List of conspiracy theories on Wikipedia

Is the Earth really flat? Was stepping on the moon a well thought out plan? What happened to the princess of Kashmir? Wikipedia has a long list of thousands of such questions. By reading these, you may or may not come to a conclusion, but you will surely kill the time with ease.

pointer pointer

Very interesting website, which takes a little time to understand at first, but once you understand it, you will surely laugh. Here any image will appear on your screen, in which some subject will point your cursor. You will feel that the image is telling you that your cursor is here.

The true size

Did you know you were looking at the world map wrong for so long? Greenland, for example, appears much larger than India on the map, but in reality it is not. The True Size allows you to compare the size of a country by superimposing it over another country. This will help you dispel all your misconceptions about the world map.

Take the Impossible Quiz

Questions that will blow your mind when answered and you will be given a total of three chances. After every game we have to start all over again. The funny thing is that the desire to see the next funny question can make you spend hours in this game and yes, the answer to the first question is ‘four’.

The way back machine

Have you ever wished we could go back to our childhood? Here you can not go to the past of life now, but you can certainly check the past of any website. Here you can enter at any time to see what the website looked like back then. If you’re watching, don’t forget to check out Gadgets 360.

I’m wasting so much time

This website is full of memes i.e. jokes. You’ll get tired of scrolling, but the memes won’t end. What better option than spending or wasting time.


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