5 Haunted House in Delhi

For a long time, haunted houses were the best place to have a good laugh with your friends and colleagues, but the new age scary houses in Delhi malls are changing the game with their authentically scary environments and setups.

The common locations in which these haunted houses are built make them easily approachable. Don’t fall into the trap of not being aware because these are the places that have imbibed cutting-edge technology that guarantees to elicit a scream from you. A small list has been compiled below to guide you into such horror.

1.Bonzai: V3S Mall

The Bonzai at the V3S Mall in Delhi is another popular haunted house in the city. The effect created by the 3D chairs and artificial effects of smoke, water, and other things is commendable. This location has a haunted ride that takes you through all of these grotesque experiences.

2. Royal Adventure Group, Janakpuri

In comparison to the haunted houses in Delhi Malls, this small space is a hotspot for adrenaline junkies.

People have been known to hover over the location with friends, family, and children in order to have a spine-chilling experience of fear. This place is one of the best scary houses in Delhi, with some of the scariest features of the capital city.

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3. Scary House, Kamla Nagar

Visit the Scary House in Kamala Nagar if you are in the northern section of the capital city. Despite the fact that the props and people are all real and not as depicted, this. the house has heard some of the loudest screams from some of the cutest people, demonstrating the craze that this promises to be.

4.  Haunted House, Rajouri Garden

Another haunted house in Delhi malls is the West Gate mall’s haunted house which gives you a spooky. Visit the haunted house in Rajouri Garden for one of the scariest adventures of your life.

Exquisite props and a mind-boggling lighting scheme heighten the effect promised by the hosts. In this haunted house the chill run down your spine as you enter the location, and then witness the spine-chilling experience as you ride.

5. Funky Kingdom: Ghost House, Kirti Nagar

This location is simply a part of Kirti Nagar’s children’s play area. This place is basically all about the toys and swings for kids who have a horror streak in them.

The hanging skeletons give you a creepy feel, right there in the middle of the area, add an element of fear to the setting. The occasional sighting of the headless statues is also entertaining. One of the haunted houses.

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