Friendship Day: Three friends left their jobs and started this business for 11 lakhs, became owners of 100 crores in one year

Friendship Day: Three friends left their jobs and started this business for 11 lakhs, became owners of 100 crores in one year

New Delhi. Friendship Day 2021.. By the way, friends’ names appear every day. Friendship is the world’s most unique and beautiful relationship..Today we tell you the story of three friends on the occasion of Friendship Day 2021…who lived together in the same room, worked in the same company and later started a business together, all three became successful entrepreneurs. Today, these three run a Noida based startup and earn together.

We tell you about three friends of Noida – Tikendra, Prateek and Sandeep. Their business trip began in the year 2015 when all three of them had gone on a trip in one day, but they ran out of fuel halfway through and there was no gas station for miles around. Then they realized I wanted that! It would have happened that whenever we wanted, we would have fuel.. That’s where the idea came from and all three started working on it. Today, the annual turnover of this company is more than 100 crores.

Thus began the journey…
Tikendra and Sandeep used to work at the Noida-based technology company Samsung. At the same time, Prateek worked at Axicom. Prateek and Tikendra were roommates. One day, all three of them had gone for a walk from Delhi, when the fuel ran out halfway through. They did not find a single gas station around 10 km along the way. At the same time, he decided to do online diesel business and in the year 2015, he started a company called (startup So let’s know what this company is and its story-

Government-recognized startups ( is a government-recognized startup. Pepfuels has a third party agreement with Indian Oil. This is for door-to-door delivery (online diesel delivery). On this app, customers can order online or via message.

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Learn how to do business
Startup founder Tikendra told News18 Hindi that we did a lot of research on this. Talked to people door-to-door and gathered feedback online. In the feedback it was said that everyone said there should be an online app for petrol and diesel. However, starting the online petrol and diesel delivery business is quite risky. Tikendra explains that until 2016, there was no permission to supply gasoline in the country. Recently, the government has allowed this. At that time, only diesel supply was the only option for us. We have started supplying diesel itself.

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Cooperation with oil companies
Another founder of the company, Sandeep, says: “We have Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL), Petroleum Process Engineering Service Co. (PESCO) sent their suggestions to oil companies. In addition, we also had the idea from our startup sent to the PMO.After few days we got the reply from PMO.On the other hand, we were also asked on behalf of Indian Oil based in Faridabad to submit the Detail Project Report (DPR) of our company They say we sent the DPR of our project to Indian Oil After we got the approval we started our business.

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